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The Indian Association for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (IAPEN) is an organisation in the field of parenteral and enteral nutrition and promotes basic research, clinical research, advanced education, organization of consensus statements about clinical care and quality control.

ERAS Core Group, India

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Enhanced recovery After Surgery (ERAS) is a multimodal programme of multidisciplinary care designed to minimise post-operative organ dysfunction and return the patient to normality as soon as possible. The ERAS Team contains multidisciplinary specializations which should involve anaesthetists, dietitians, nurses, occupational therapists, the pain team, physiotherapists, surgeons and theatre staff.

Reference: http://www.jspen.jp/doc6/sec7.html

ERAS Core Group of IAPEN

IAPEN strongly recommends, the surgical team, the clinical nutritionists, ICU team and nurses, based on the available facilities in the developing countries, should increase their skill set and standards for attenuating the stress response to surgery and enable rapid recovery of patients. Instead of forming a ERAS team and involving everyone, we should first strive to increase our standards in Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition.

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ERAS History

World - ERAS History

In 2001, Ken Fearon and Olle Ljungqvist met in London at a nutrition symposia and decided to start a collaborative group on peri-operative care and named it as ERAS Study Group. ERAS means, Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. In 2003, the first ERAS Symposia was held in Stockholm at Ersta hospital, Stockholm. The ERAS® Society was officially registered in 2010 as a non for profit medical society based in Stockholm, Sweden. 1st ERAS congress was held in 2012 and second ERAS congress held in 2014.


India - ERAS History

IAPEN has conducted, National Conference on Surgical Nutrition 19th December, 2013 Burdhawan, West Bengal, India with a theme "ERAS - Enhanced Recovery After Surgery".

ERAS first activity in India

Dr. Amit Banerjee, Vice Chancellor, West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Kolkata West Bengal, giving a brief overview of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery in the National Conference on Surgical Nutrition, 19th Dec, 2013, Bardhaman, West Bengal and Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Founder Member, IAPEN and Programme Officer, ERAS Initiative, India, (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery), outlined the concept of ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) and its implementation in India has grased the occation. The conference organizing secretary is Koushik Chatterjee, Clinical Nutritionist, Burdhwan, West Bengal.

Outlines for formation of ERAS Core Group were framed in this conference with India, Dr. Ashutosh Sharma, Founder Member, IAPEN as Programme Officer, ERAS Initiative, India,

In 2014, (May 10th), the first ERAS Symposium in India was conducted by Dr. P. C. Vijayakumar, President-IAPEN, Tamilnadu Chapter, India - Chief Anaesthesiologist and Intensivist, Sooriya Hospital, Chennai.

Website: https://www.iapen.co.in/iapen-eras-symposium.html

National Level Conference on ERAS - Enhanced Recovery after Surgery and Nutrition for Surgeons (EnhaNS -2015) - National Conference of IAPEN, 31st October 2015 to 1st November 2015, Hotel Green Park, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 4th Annual Meet was conducted by Dr. P.C. Vijayakumar, Organizing Chairperson.

Website: ENHANS-2015


Practice of surgery has undergone a sea change in the recent past. Organ transplantation and minimal access surgery have been the recent advances in the field of surgery and have taken the surgical field by storm. Advances in technology added a lot of strength to this progression.

Enhans - 2015


ERAS Core Group, India

Join ERAS India Core Group and Help Advance Clinical Nutrition in India.

Since 2015, IAPEN is promoting many activities throughout India for implementing ERAS guidelines in Indian Hospitals. In 2020, two hospitals were identified for giving expert training in ERAS.

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